After You Buy
Deal with error codes, power issues, adjustments, maintenance tips, and general product support.
Codes Setting

1. error code 22: Throttle Fault

Reconnect the wire of the throttle. Find the throttle wire with the orange connector inside, disconnect it and then reconnect it to restart the throttle.

If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace the throttle. Then please send relevant videos and provide the bike frame number to after-sales, we will help you.

Press the "-" and "i" buttons for 2 seconds. Press it to switch the normal display interface into the default parameter restoration interface.

Select Y to restore it. Switch to Y by pressing “+” and “-”, and press “i” for 2 seconds to confirm it.

Check if there is a dEF-00 on the display. The code means the setting has already automatically finished.

Components And Accessories

Check whether the indicator light of the charger is displayed normally, test whether the output voltage of the charger is greater than 48V, and troubleshoot the charger first.

If there is no problem with the charger, it is likely that the fuse of the battery charging port is damaged. You can try to go to a local repair shop to replace the fuse.

If you still can't solve it after replacement, please provide a video showing that the battery cannot be charged, provide the frame number and battery serial number, and contact after-sales.

Whether the pedals are installed correctly according to the left and right directions, provide pictures and frame number to confirm and contact after-sales service.

If the display keeps showing five bars, please press “+” and “-” and the power button to switch to 48V when power off to solve this problem.

Please reconnect the light cable, if it still doesn’t work, it is mainly caused by the controller.

Then please provide the bike serial number, motor-controller connector to after-sales.

Please reconnect the light cable and check if the pins are damaged or bent.

If it can not be fixed, then please send emails to after-sales.