The List Of The Best Gifts For Cyclists

1. The bike itself

A bicycle is a gift for all gifts. If someone does not have a bike yet, but you have heard from them that they love to ride, then why not give them an electric bike, especially if you can afford it? Just do not buy a very cheap bike, or you will beat the desire to ride. Right now, the cost of a good electric bike starts at $1,500, trust us, it’s worth it. It’s hard to find a better gift. 

2. Bicycle helmet

It is probably one of the best gifts for cyclists. If your boyfriend, husband, or other relative does not have a helmet, do not break your head and give him a bicycle helmet. By doing so, you will save his head and maybe his health and life. No, no, we do not want to scare you, but there have been cases where a cyclist died when he fell at a speed of 5 km/h and hit his head unsuccessfully on the curb. Very cheap models are not recommended choose. The cost of an average bicycle helmet starts at $25 on Amazon.

3. Headlights (bicycle lights or reflectors)

Light are the second most important safety feature for a bicyclist. When riding at night, as well as in cloudy weather, we strongly recommend riding with rear and front lights. The brighter they are, the better the cyclist is seen on the road. The cost of an average bike headlight starts at $25.

4. Compact tool set (bicycle multitool)

A very useful thing. Sooner or later something breaks on the bike and you are forced to use the tool. A bicycle multitool should be in the backpack of every cyclist. You should not buy a very cheap tool made of inferior materials. Also, make sure that the set includes the basic necessary tools: Hex wrench, screwdriver, chain puller, and spoke wrench. Multitools are always on our consideration list of the best gifts for cyclists. The cost of a bicycle multitool starts at $15.

5. Bicycle pump

It happens that a novice cyclist has not had time to get a pump, or is simply hoping for the opportunity to pump up a bike at a car service station or garage. If your cyclist does not have a good, compact bike pump, be sure to give him one. One day he’ll remember you with a kind word when he’s out of town struggling with an apartment tire. If the cyclist is already experienced, owns several bikes, and needs to change tires frequently, you can also give him a full pump, which every cyclist needs in the home. The cost of an average bicycle pump starts at $15.

6. Cycling clothing

Of course, cycling clothes are a personal matter and usually, everyone chooses them for themselves. But why not give some high-quality, nice things as a gift? Especially if you know the size and color preferences of the person. High-quality cycling clothes are comfortable, beautiful and a must for proper cycling. The cost of a standard set of cycling clothes (cycling shirt and cycling shorts) starts at $45.

7. Cycling glasses

Eye protection is very important, as the cyclist is constantly in contact with dust, dirt, water, snow, and insects that get into the eyes at the most inopportune moment. The most popular option is cycling glasses with a set of interchangeable filters in different colors. Darkened, colorless, yellow, mirrored – this is the classic option. It becomes more difficult when a person wears regular glasses. In this case, it is worth looking for a variant of cycling glasses with diopters. They are more expensive, but surely a person will appreciate your care. The cost of simple cycling glasses with interchangeable filters starts at $25.

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